Sunday, April 27, 2014

Moving On

In 2004 I started this blog. I loved the new (at that time) blog format and wanted to try my hand at a little bit of creative writing while sharing my thoughts, impressions and experiences of living in Tzfat.

I used to tell people that the blog was a form of therapy as, in those old days, I also used it to vent a little about things that were going on in my personal life.

Over the years, as events unfold, I've often thought to myself "I have to blog about that" but somehow the time passes and I don't "get around to it."

Last year, when I left my previous job as coordinator of the Tourist Information Center, I reorganized the website about Safed that I'd created to facilitate tourism (and help me keep all my lists of accommodations, places to eat in Safed, things to do in the city, information about historical sites, etc) as a public service and relaunched it.

Since then I have been maintaining the site and, frankly, enjoying the "hobby." It's a public service -- I keep a running list of recommended plumbers and other people who fix things, run a list of local accommodations for tourists and keep other information current for the benefit of locals and visitors. People tell me that I should "monetize" the site, which could be nice, I admit, but in the meantime, it's just an information site that serves the community.

The site hosts a blog format and I've decided to migrate this blog over to that site. It just seems as though its time to connect the dots and promote my little town (which, by the way, CNN listed as one of the ten most beautiful cities in the world) in one central cyberspace location.

See you at

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Where Else?

Really, where else could you go into the local pet shop 2 weeks before Pesach and ask for kosher-for-Pesach dog and cat food....and have the staff know exactly what you're talking about, have it in stock and deliver it in a few hours? 

While I was there I also saw bags of kosher-for-peasch bird food in stock, though my brother once told me that bird food is basically kosher for pesach anyway, though only for kitniyot-eating birds......

A few minutes later, while walking down the street I heard singing in the local Change (foreign currency exchange) store....someone was celebrating and a bunch of men were circling in the shop, dancing and singing, with a dabukka (drum) playing.

All in a day's walk through town.