Sunday, March 16, 2014

Purim 2014 Safed

Purim is always a bit of a "not really here and not really there" holiday for me. I enjoy it, anticipate it and then, when it comes, end the day with a little bit of .....really Purim? That was it?

Part of the ambivalence is that I no longer have young kids at home to dress up and send out with gift packages. I'm never even sure whether anyone will show up for the seudah, though I did defrost some hamburger meat for and am looking forward to a few guests.

Could also be that I'm not a drinker (a few glasses of anything alcoholic just puts me to sleep, so...what's the point?). I wandered around last night and found a few people passing around a few joints....maybe that's the solution? Not for me -- I'm a little too stoodgy or that.

Oh well, maybe I'll find a good movie and treat myself to a quiet and relaxing day. Meantime, here are some pics of the local scene.

megilla reading at the House of Love and Prayer

megilla reading

synagogue megilla reading

house of love and prayer

Kikar HaMeginim, Purim 2014

old city street, purim 2014

some local boys, getting into the spirit

parents and their little lion

central square, Safed

bike rider


purim walk


just headin' out to the grocery store


daughterofyah613 said...

Shalom Aleckim

Oh ,how sweet to see my home city and with joy I read your article !
batya avraham

daughterofyah613 said...

review of purim oh how sweet!