Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Totally Crazy Week

Well, what's a blog for if you can't kvell a bit? Here I am with my new granddaughter. No official name yet. Born Sunday night. First grandchild!  What a great feeling.

So aside from the fact that her parents were in the hospital for 4 days before she was born (the drs. wanted to induce but it didn't go very well, so they were just waiting around for something to happen) I've also got a wedding this week. My daughter Yochi and her hatan, Yoni, are getting married tomorrow evening.

How's that for a week of non-stop action?

My poor mother and her sister, neither of them exactly young (young in heart, yes) were held up in the airport in Philadelphia for over 24 hours while the plane was delayed and delayed and delayed. When my mother came for my brother's wedding 12 years ago, her luggage (as well as the luggage of my brothers, who were traveling with her) was lost for several days. There's something about my mother and Israeli weddings....

So it's a crazy week here. I have lots of work to do but can't concentrate...hence the post. Maybe a nap is a good idea...I've been up since 4:00a.m. 

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rena said...

double mazal tov!!