Friday, January 03, 2014

The Voice Hits Tzfat

Last night the local Khan of the White Donkey (a story in itself) hosted tryouts for the Israeli Voice. Since I live down the block from the site and since I knew a couple of people who were trying out I went to sit in the audience.

The tryouts themselves were have to respect anyone, talented or not, who's prepared to stand up on a stage in front of 60+ people and sing. But some of our locals turned out to be really good.

I couldn't help but wonder, however, what the auditioner thought of our Tzfat group. There were a number of English-speakers among the people trying out including thick American accents and a few who could barely speak Hebrew at all. (I have one of the thickest accents imaginable so I'm not criticizing, just noting the fact).

And, alongside the locals -- teens and older people -- were some unique Tzfat characters.....the father-and-son duo who sang Chabad-messiah songs, the religious guys who sang religious songs and a few with Breslev white kippas -- no matter what they sang, you found yourself focused on the beanie-with-the-tassle.

Again, there was some incredible talent there, among all of the different types, but I did wonder how the Tel Aviv-auditioner took it all in.

I guess she just figured that she was having a Tzfat experience.

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