Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What IS it about us Jews?

The Jewish Priest that Repented
Former Anti-Semetic Hungarian Leader Now Keeps Shabbat
Secret Jewish Heritage Converts Neo-Nazi
Spainards are Reclaiming their Jewish Heritage
Suddenly Jewish
Return: My 50-year Search for my Jewish Self, Identify and Heritage 
An Unexpected Discovery

By now you might get the gist of what this post is all about.

I may be ethnocentric but I don't recall ever seeing articles about people who found out that their ancestors were Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian or Pagan....and feeling the pull to explore their heritage and return to their roots.

But i see articles such as the ones above least several times a year. And there are so many more stories that, perhaps, aren't as astounding as a neo-nazi who discovered that his family was secretly Jewish, but still speak to the Jewish soul's desire to reconnect with its birthright.

So, just thinkin' out loud here.....why? Why just the Jews? Have I missed something? Does this happen in other religions/nations/peoples? It doesn't, does it?

Food for thought.

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