Sunday, December 15, 2013

Storms Before the Age of Facebook

How DID we manage to have storms before Facebook? (maybe Twitter too...don't know...don't like it much or use it very frequently).


For those of us who have not lost our electricity, everything is organized by FB. Who needs extra challah for Shabbat, who needs a heater, who needs some help shoveling snow....usually someone will pop up within a few minutes to say "I can bring you some/help out/donate/etc. Basic information too, like what's happening with the roads (they're still closed into and out of Safed, 2 days after the storm), what's happening with the schools, etc. Our Mayor's main form of communication with the town's residents is via FB. Kind of cool -- I remember our last storms, 21 years ago.....everyone was huddled in their little house (kind of like Little House on the Prairie, but without the well-behaved kids) and no one knew anything.

It's scary how dependent we are on electricity. Once I can move around a bit more freely (walking on the snow and slush-covered streets is still dicey) I'm going to get a few items that will help keep us warm if we ever loose electricity. Will start with some basic heating supplies and a metal cover for the gas stove for Shabbat food, etc. None of this, of course, will help if the electricity goes out ON Shabbat but it should help. 

I also bought a huge bag of food for the neighborhood stray cats. I can't take in another animal from the shelters -- the shelters in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv flooded during the storm and they were asking people to foster animals -- but at least I can make sure that the local cats aren't hungry. There's just one that comes to feed now, but when I was speaking to my neighbor yesterday, I think that I know why....she also feeds cats, and she buys the 300 shekel bags while I bought the 150 shekel bag. Now if you were a cat, where would you go for your meals?

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