Sunday, November 03, 2013

Ah, I'm Getting Old.....

My Shabbat was lively, to say the least. My youngest son completed his army service on Thursday so he's now back home, along with my middle daughter and her fiancee. Youngest daughter was, of course, at home. Plus, my niece and her husband and three young kids (aged 4, almost 2 and 5 months) and another niece and nephew.

Over the last few years our home has taken on the atmosphere of a staid home for adults and almost-adults so it was kind of fun to have the action of the kids and the interactions between all of the cousins for the day. I must say, when everyone went home, it was so quiet that I almost didn't know what to do with myself.

After Shabbat I taught the four-year-old how to use "Paint" on the computer and he "painted" a few canvases. At some point I noticed that my browser's tabs had all migrated to the top of the page, which freaked me out a bit, but it turns out that the child didn't actually do anything -- Mozilla decided, on their own, to put the tabs at the top because "it makes more sense. I'm not wild about it -- I don't like change. But after trying to return them to their original spot a few times (the 'help' said that you could) I figured that i'd just get used to the new system.

I made so-so meat patties for Saturday lunch but my Friday night chicken was a hit. Didn't do a whole lot -- just coated it with spiced flour and sauteed it a bit before baking it the process seals in the juices and it was well-received. I also made a sweet-and-sour sauce to pour over it so that was also a bit special.

I made lentil soup as well -- my daughter likes it....the red lentils made with sweet potatos and pumpkin (seasoned with cumin and cinnamon, kind of like an Indian dahl). After I'd made it I realized that it was a. the day after Halloween and b. parshat Toldot, when Esav sells his birthright to Ya'akov for a bowl of lentil soup. So I announced that it was "in honor of..." and didn't mention that these links had only occurred to me half an hour before I served the soup.


daughterofyah613 said...

And do I miss your Shabbat Table Laurie ,my friend and sister. As for you getting old, that is when you hit 65 and up,look forward to the next years!
I miss your table!
batya avraham

daughterofyah613 said...

Ms Laurie your table is one of the best in Tzfat,I should know I sat for five years around and miss your tribe, know age is in the mind<
praying to return<
batya avraham

mikimi said...

Family in every direction - enjoy while you can!
Orange is the theme from end of October until end of November so keep making your "Indian Dahl".