Sunday, October 13, 2013

Talented Dog

Some people who have dogs who are quite beautiful and win prizes (and money) at dog shows.

Others have dogs who are unusually fast, or perform tricks, or service people or save lives.

I have a dog who stops in her tracks every few months and has an epileptic attack. Does it attract attention? You bet.

 Generally Mica is kind enough to have these attacks in the privacy of our home where I don't have to explain to every person who walks by that, no, i haven't been beating her, she is just "funny." But today on our morning walk Mica was kind enough to have not one, but two attacks, the second right on the side of a main road.

Nothing seems to trigger the attacks, which begin (when I'm around) with her coming up to me and gluing herself to me (this time she actually walked under my legs and stood there) and after they pass (usually 5 minutes) she's right as rain. But even though they've been going on since she was a pup, I always have a moment of panic....maybe this is the end?

We're back home now and she's blissfully shedding her summer coat of fur all over the house. It's hard to live with a talented dog.

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