Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Be Persistent

Several months ago I received a call from Netvision, my internet server. The guy convinced me to sign up for their land-line phone service. He'd give it to me for 10 shekels/month for the first 3 months so that I could test it while I kept my Bezeq line, and then it would cost something like 60 shekels/month.

Part of the procedure involves getting one of their netboxes, which is a router through which the phone works.

The router turned out to be a disaster and I've had numerous calls to the server and to Bezeq for my troubles, as well as several visits from Netvision's technicians who keep coming out to see what's happening. Seems that Netvision is VERY interested in making sure that they don't lose clients.

Finally, when I had just about had it, one of the support guys at netvision told me that
1. he would reduce my landline to 10 shekels/month forever
2. I should just unplug my router for a few seconds every time the internet cuts out, and then plug it back in.

His advice worked and, although it's annoying, it works. In the meantime, on my last bill, my landline payment hadn't been reduced, so I was back on the phone with a Netvision rep yesterday.

Now, here's the interesting part. She re-reduced my payment to 10 shekels/month (I hope -- will check on the next bill) AND, "for my troubles" reduced my internet payment to 60 shekels a month (from something like 100 shekels/month).

The lessons that I learned from this are:
1. be persistent
2. check your bills (actually, something similar happened with Bezeq, and when I called them, they offered to put me on a cheaper plan)
3. These companies are making money hand-over-fist and they can easily reduce your payment plan if you find the right way to approach it.

In local news, this post takes Shabat Avidah -- the mitzvah of returning lost items to its owner -- to a whole new level.

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