Thursday, October 31, 2013

Saga of the Dogs, Part VIIII

I've kvetched before about my neighbor and his dogs. I have a direct line to the city vet (and he has me on his speed soon as I call, he says "hi Laurie"), have had 3 meetings with the mayor/his representatives about the problem, have written two letters (considering the effort that it takes me to write in Hebrew, it's significant) and have made numerous calls to various police and city workers, all of whom promise me that "they'll do something." Today's activities, however, reminded me how important it is to know people the right people. 

First of all, let it be said that I like both our mayor and our city vet (who runs one of the country's only municipal no-kill shelters). I believe that they're good people and that they have the best interests of the residents (and, in the case of the vet, of the animals) at heart.

The problem here is that everyone's afraid to break into this guy's yard to take the dogs. The vet, the police the city workers....he intimidates them all because legally there's not a lot of recourse to take a non-abused animal out of its home.

One of his neighbors, however, is a fairly well-known artist (Raphael Abacasis -- if I ever make a lot of money, I'd love to get some of his artwork....he's really great) and the other raises money for the poor of the city every Pesach and is friendly with the mayor. So today's meeting at the mayor's office, with these two gentlemen, seemed to move things along.   I don't know if we have a solution, but the mayor called in one of his assistants who is supposed to "stay on top of the situation" and his city manager who is supposed to push things along.

Stay tuned.

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