Thursday, October 24, 2013

Only in Israel

Had something for the Only in Israel FB page

Think about it....where else but Israel would there be a FB page called "Only in....wherever?"   Only in Michigan? Well, maybe the weather, but that's about it. Only in Holland? Really? Only in ...where?

One of my favorite stories (this is a little off the subject, but there's some connection, so bear with me) is told by a friend who just celebrated her 50th anniversary in Israel. She came in 1961, back in the days when there was no Nefesh B'Nefesh organizing pilot trips and group flights and waiting to direct olim to their new apartments, ulpans and jobs. I don't think that the Jewish Agency was even involved in aliyah at that time, except if you were running for your life from the Iraqi or Libyan rioters.

Anyway, this lady, who was 18 at the time, lived in Washington DC, so she went to the Israeli Embassy and told them that she wanted to make aliyah. The secretary, who was processing her forms, said to her "why do you want to go live in Israel? It's dirty, the politicians are crazy, it's hot, everyone is always on edge, there's not enough food (this was in the days of tzena-- rationing), the people are rude....."

And then the secretary started to cry. My friend asked her "why are you crying" and the secretary sniffed "I miss it so much."


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