Monday, October 21, 2013

Election Time

The city elections have arrived and everyone seems to be either completely involved with their chosen candidate/party list or apathetic. I'm too American to leave the voting to others...civic duty is deeply embedded in me....but I understand those who have opted out. One sometimes feels as though nothing's going to change anyway, so why bother.

Case in point. I live along a small, narrow lane. One car can drive in at a time and reverse out, but there's no room to turn around and there's no through exit. For some reason, the GPS tells people that it's a through street and it's the way to exit to the southern part of the city. So we often have people driving down the street, assuming that they're on a one-way street that has an exit at the end.

The last little jaunt of the street is curvy and by that time, when it's clear that there's no exit, it's extremely difficult for people to back out, especially those with a large car or van. I've called the city hotline numerous times to ask them to put in some kind of warning so that drivers won't go too far but it's like talking to a wall. They say "we have your call from last time" and, to them, that's the end of the story. They've passed it on to the appropriate city department and they don't need to worry about it any more.

This time I'm vaguely involved with one of the parties that's running -- at least, I showed up for an info meeting and they assumed that i'm going to support them, so much so that i've received numerous calls to ask me to remind my friends to vote, to ask for names of potential supporters that they can call and to ask me to pass on their message. all of which I've done (I figured, since I'll vote for them, I might as well help them out a bit) so after the elections, if they actually get in, I will have a live body that I can talk to.

In the meantime, one of the major candidates seems to have disappeared and the others have supporters standing outside of their headquarters, passing out fliers, to the sound of the songs that they've recorded with their candidate's name. I kid you not -- several of the candidates have created little jingles that say "xxxx is the one. He's going to put Tzfat on the map. He's going to make Tzfat something special......"

Do people REALLY vote based on these jingles? Or based on the candidate who has the most posters plastered around the city? Or whose fliers are the jazziest? Or who smears the other candidates the best? If there's one thing that says to me that, at least, our present mayor has a little bit of class, it's that he hasn't created a jingle for himself.

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