Thursday, October 10, 2013


As mentioned previously I'm doing a course of homeopathy. Homeopathy involves taking remedies that include trace substances that are similar to what ails you. The theory behind homeopathy is, basically, "like treats like."

To find the right remedy and dose the homeopathist does a whole intake which involves learning about your entire medical history as well as your emotional state of mind. In my case, my homeopathist, after much digging, told me that she thinks that my problem (I have a benign growth, called a mycrogynomia, on my brain which is pressing on my optic nerve, causing me to see double) is caused by repressing certain feelings and emotions. (Maybe that's the reason that I let loose on my daughter last night, after, for the umpteenth time, she left her dirty dishes in the sink?)

Anyway, there are a number of side "effects" of homeopathy. For one, homeopathists believe that if you don' least once a day, you're "constipated." So the remedies are designed to help you move things along. Which can make it quite difficult to take a long walk.

Another side effect is dreams...homeopathic remedies often cause you to have vivid dreams. I don't know if that's the reason but last night I had a VERY long and vivid dream which involved a woman who I knew 30 years ago (so she's in her late 50s now) having a baby, and then they all came for Shabbat and I didn't have anything ready.

There was more, and other people from my life were around as well, making it a crowded Shabbat table (or it would have been if there had been anything to eat).


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