Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cats and Mayors

'Nuff said. I used to think that it was a big joke, calling the fire department to get a cat out of a tree, but when it's YOUR cat, it's a different story.

We got this cat when she was a kitten in the dead of winter -- someone plopped a box with her inside right next to our gate. She was tiny and I kept her inside for the next few months, but I guess that a certain self-preservation instinct disappeared because she keeps running up trees and getting stuck. My daughter has, up until now, been the designated tree-climber to save her skin (fur) but this time she was so far up the tree that I didn't know what to do.

I also didn't want to call the fire dept since I thought "that's silly, they don't do that any more." But a neighbor had pity (I kept thinking "naw, she'll come down one way or another) and it turns out that, at least in Tzfat and at least when it's a slow day, they do.

So, kudos to the Tzfat fire department! I don't know how they are at putting out fires, but when it comes to acts of lovingkindness, they're great.
Post trauma lunch

In other local news, today the municipal elections are being held. As my cousin noted (he's a new immigrant and these are their first elections), he expected a somber New Zealand-style election process and, instead, he fell into a carnival atmosphere.

It is kind of a carnival. Hundreds of adults revert to their adolescence. they plaster their cars with stickers and posters, honk as they drive around town and generally create a complete zoo-like atmosphere.

I don't know what it's like in the big cities, but Tzfat elections are very personal....each party personally calls every voter that they think might be voting for them, at least once. They like social media and Internet campaigning in theory, but in practice, they want to do it the way that their grandfathers did it.....person to person.  

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daughterofyah613 said...

Yes ,a cat who thinks she is a dog, and can't get out of a tree. Miss the action of Tet Vav and neighbors who stick together.
batya avraham