Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Who's Afraid of Yom Kippur?

So, it turns out that there's such a thing as a "blog carnival." Who knew? Not only that, but it turns out that there's such a thing as a "Jewish blog carnival." (of course). Something to explore.

I'm still on a bit of a spiritual high from Yom Kippur. I dread it like everyone but it's really not as bad as it's made out to be, especially if the service is a bit interactive.

That's a word that I use alot lately as I become more involved in the world of online learning. I teach and do other types of PR and marketing for a company named Jerusalem EdTech Solutions. The possibilities that are presented by educational technology make it hard to not be engaged by your classes, both for the teacher and the students.

However, the word really applies to this year's Yom Kippur davening that we had in our neighborhood. It's a Carlebach minyan so there's plenty of singing in any event, but really, the whole service was singing -- and not listening to the cantor sing either, but everyone sang the prayers together. I've never spent so much time in a service in my life.

Unfortunately, my experience with Yom Kippur services was basically formed in my youth with the Conservative congregational services in which, for the most part, the rabbi or cantor led the service and everyone else sat and followed (or, when things got really exciting, we did "responsive reading."). Who could possibly enjoy such a scenario?

Now we're on to succot. menu:
Wed night:                                                                           Thursday lunch
Chili                                                                                       Spinach quiche (vegan)
baked squash (shades of thanksgiving?)                              roasted mushrooms (Yum!)
mashed potato                                                                       ?
salads                                                                                     ?

Question marks are thanks to my daughter who promised to take over the kitchen tomorrow and do some of the cooking. I'm meant to sit quietly and find something else to do. No problem.

This month there has been a definite lack of client-work so I have the chance to do something non-computer related...I'm making sushi for some people in the area. I am a sushi fan and enjoy the "zen" of sitting quietly and rolling up the sushi rolls. Fun.

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