Monday, September 23, 2013

The Slob Squad

I have 2 sons and 3 daughters.

My sons have always been relatively consistent in terms of tidiness -- their room was usually fairly clean and, with the exception of a few stray pieces of clothing strewn around, generally pretty neat.

My middle daughter is a neat freak. However, as kids, and then teens, the other two were slobs. This was especially difficult during the years that the three of them shared a room (as you can well imagine) but even after they separated, I found it very difficult to manage the discrepancy in styles.

When the oldest of the two messies (both, by the way, ADHD) moved away she became consumed with cleanliness and neatness, to the point that she drove me nuts when she returned for visits.

I was pretty sure that that wouldn't be the case with the youngest whose disordered room is in a class all by itself. She can go for weeks without putting away any clothes, drop her worn clothes right on the floor where she's standing (and since she changes clothes about 7 times a day, that's a lot of clothes), and basically walk all over the magazines, appliances and other items that are strewn across the floor.

Well, Ms. 17-year-old now has a boyfriend who comes over to visit a few times a week. And guess what? Her room is spotless (at least when a visit is planned). Not only that but she's begun to take over the rest of the house in her efforts to impress Mr. Right, putting away all the dishes and silverware from the drying rack in the kitchen, hiding the cat's food and now, generally driving me crazy in the other direction. I can't even leave a hand-towel out in the kitchen -- she whisks it away....this is the same girl who,  just a few short weeks ago, could leave her dirty dishes in her room for days.

I'm really too old for this.

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mikimi said...

Soon she'll get married and you'll have to worry about child-proofing for the grandchildren of the already married.