Monday, September 23, 2013

Getting Down to Business

This month marks my first year as an "atzmai'i" -- a freelancer. I've been lucky that I've had enough work, and the work is varied enough that I don't get bored. I write for  gaming websites, an online Jewish educational company (and I do a bit of teaching for them as well), a tourist site and some other bits and pieces.

I've also been in contact with two other potential clients over the past few weeks and their projects sound intriguing so I think that I'll be doing some work for them as well.

Which brings me to my, I understand, that many people who work on the Internet face. I sit down to work and find myself wandering off into cyberspace for significant periods of time, instead of doing the work that I need to do.

I'll be getting ready to write a piece about mortgages (not one of my most exciting projects, but I do know more about mortgages than I did 3 years ago) and will find myself checking the news, scrolling down my Facebook feed,  reviewing some friends' blogposts....whatever, but I find that i'm taking twice as much time to write each piece as I should.

If I take on these new projects, which both sound exciting and, more to the point, interesting (which motivates me) I'm going to have to start being more strict with myself -- more organized in my work-from-home situation. I'm presently trying to figure out how to do that.

One thing that I should work on is making lists (and sticking to them). I've always been a great list-maker but I can see now that I'm going to have to apply that to my work situation.

Another change that I should make would involve putting myself on a strict schedule. For instance, telling myself that I have to get an hour's work done in the morning before I head out for my morning walk-the-dogs excursion, complete another 2 hours before I do the shopping....etc.

A benefit of working from home (and my relative lack of home responsibilities, since I don't have small children at home) is that I can work until late at night and take a nap in the middle of the day. I don't want to give that up....I should be able to enjoy some fun!

Still looking for more ideas of how to get myself scheduled. Of course, where am I looking? Surfing on the blogs -- where else!

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