Sunday, August 04, 2013

They Come in Threes

The old expression that unfortunate occurrences "come in threes" was born out for me this week -- so much so that when the second break happened, I started to expect the third.

My family was visiting last week...first my niece and her husband and kids and then my brother and his wife and sons. No one was paying much attention to the door to the guestroom, which was open most of the time, so when my sister-in-law was packing up to leave, she realized that the key was stuck in the lock. If I had a dime for every time I've fixed that lock over the past few years, I'd be able to take myself out to a meal, but here it is again. Someone came and sprayed some WD40 on it but within a day the problem had returned (just so that you don't think that I'm completely incompetent, I did that too, but when he did it, he banged a few things so the lock worked for another 24 hours). I have to call someone today to come and fix it.

Then, when the Thursday guests arrived, as soon as they turned on the light in the bathroom, it exploded. There's a cover over the light so it just exploded into the cover, than goodness, but guess who dragged in the ladder and twisted out the remainder of the light bulb with a pair of pliers? Yes, there's a first time for everything, though I came close to calling someone to do it, and then reminded myself that I can be somewhat competent when I put my mind to it (though the fix-it guy's phone number was on speed-dial...just in case). And again, in case inquiring minds are wondering, I did remember to turn off the house's electricity before I started sticking my hand in the light socket.

By that time I was saying to myself "OK, what's #3?" and sure enough, next morning, the Internet went out. I work all day, every day, via the Internet, so that's a big problem for me. After hours on the phone with my server (which, it must be said, was quite helpful and competent, though I didn't appreciate the 1/2 hour wait) the problem was identified.....for no discernible reason the plug that connects my computer to my router stopped functioning, so I had to switch the plug and will receive a new router this week).

Well, that's three. but I lost an earring too...does that mean that I'm starting a new round?

Hope that things settle down quickly because this is Klezmer week in Safed. I've promised myself a bit of a shopping expedition in the stalls that sell breezy summer cottons. I hate the crowds but I'm looking forward to some new threads.


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