Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Wedding is Tonight!

The Dutch couple that I mentioned in my previous post are, evidently, heading into Tzfat today for their wedding ceremony. At times like this I could wring my son's neck for losing our camera. I have an old one that works when the winds are blowing in the right direction. Maybe the winds will be favoring us today? 

Anyway, the local House of Love and Prayer, a Carlebach shul, is to be commended for organizing the whole thing. I'm just a bystander (and the provider of a sweet potato dish, though exactly what is still up for discussion....the wedding is in 8 hours so I guess that I'd better figure something out quickly).

The wedding will be at the Ari Sepharadi synagogue, one of the oldest standing synagogues in Tzfat and a very auspicious place because it's the synagogue where the ARI davened (prayed) and studied Kabbalah.

And a local tzdikkah (righteous woman) offered to cook the wedding dinner (except for the before-mentioned sweet potato dish). I feel honored to have stumbled into this story and honored to live in such an amazing community.

During my morning walk-the-dogs I came outside to find an old neighbor. She was 12 when her mother, my next-door neighbor and friend, got sick with a brain tumor. The family quickly moved to Jerusalem so that she could get the best care...I was always impressed at how her husband simply picked up his family and made the move because that's where his wife could get the top treatment -- he never hesitated or thought about whether they could afford the move, he just said "this is what needs to be done" and did it.

A friend has been going through health issues lately. she doesn't have any family here and it's so confusing to have friends try to one is coordinating what anyone else is doing, no one knows what each other is doing, everyone is limited in what they can do and, as non-family members, no one can access pertinent information or make decisions for this woman. She's wary about giving anyone power of attorney to make requests for medical records, turn to the health fund/national insurance agency with appeals, etc...understood, but still, she's not getting the best care.

Please God....let me stay healthy. 

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