Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Moving the Old Brain Cells

I've been thoroughly enjoying myself during these last few weeks -- the Internet marketing course that was organized by our local small business administration (MATI) has turned out to be really informative and I hope to use the information that I've learned for my own site as well as for some of my clients' sites.

As previously mentioned, I've learned to tweet, though I truly don't see the attraction and can't imagine tweeting for any other reason than work. The instructor told us that Facebook is more popular in Israel and Twitter is more popular in America, so at least in this instance, I think that Israelis are showing a bit more intelligence than Americans. On the other hand, if I lived for the thrill of my day to find out what Justin Bieber was eating for lunch or how many laps Brittney Spears swam, I guess twitter is the way to go.

Anyway, I keep making adjustments to my website and I see that I'm getting over 100 hits every day, so I guess I've learned something. It's fun to go out every day and learn something new...I haven't done anything like that in many years. I'll miss the dynamics of the classroom (and meeting new people, chatting about things other than who's coming home for shabbat and where the watermelons are cheapest this week) but finances dictate that I end this little foray into academia and return to the business of making a living. Anyway, it is proof that even at age 55, the brain cells can still be stimulated.

Klezmer Fest starts tonight! SO-o-o-o-o-o-o excited! (not -- another 3 days of trying to walk the dogs in between everyone's toes)

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