Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Laurie the Fundraiser

I've taken on a new project, trying to fundraise for a friend who is recovering from cancer. She's actually recovering from the treatment that she's undergone -- chemo -- which, if you asked me, has caused more problems than the cancer itself. if I ever had to make such a decision, I'm not sure that I'd go for the chemo.

anyway, her son and his wife have come from the States to help her and they need some money to get started, so I'm trying to find some funds.

Have learned a few things about fundraising:
1. I'm not very good at it
2. You have to find your leads and contact the people individually and follow up and, most of the time (in this town anyway) actually, physically go and GET the money
3. It's not an easy process
4. If everyone gives a little, you have something to work with
5. As my former boss once said, if you want to get something done, ask someone who's busy. Well, I'm busy and I would so much rather just give some money rather than add this task to my list of things to do.

In other news from the homefront, the cat hadn't come in for a few days...she was laying outside and by the second day it was clear that she wasn't just lounging around. So off to the vet who gave her several shots and handed me some anti-biotic pills to give her each morning. 200 shekels but she is better. Have you ever given a struggling cat anti-biotic pills? Orally? I have the bite on my finger to prove that it's a challenge, and we're only on the 2nd of five pills.

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