Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hashgachat Pratit -- The Way that it's Meant to Be

I received a call yesterday, out of the blue, from a young woman who told me that she just wanted me to know what a great help my website was in helping her navigate her visit to Tzfat. Wow! Made my day!

The last few days of tzimmer rentals have been unusual, to say the least. I had a reservation from several months ago for my guestroom -- a mother and her daughter who planned to come for the last night of Klezmer, Thursday, and stay through next week. I turned away so many people for those nights because of that reservation, and then they cancelled -- the train strike made it inconvenient for them to come (there are buses). I was not very pleasant when i responded to their email, but after a few hours I calmed down and figured, oh, whatever, what is supposed to be will be.

In the end a nice family from Haifa stayed in the guestroom for Thursday night but by 5:00p.m. Friday, I still hadn't filled the room for Shabbat.

The second part of this "coincidence" involved Friday night dinner -- one of the organizations in Tzfat that hosts people is a hostel that arranges for the guests to eat at local homes on Friday night. They asked me if I could host some guests and, after I said yes to 2, asked if they could up it to 5 because they had so many people coming. So I had cooked a ton of food.

Then, that organization told me, Friday morning, that they had a lot of cancellations and that my guests wouldn't be coming, so I was left with lots of food.

Fast forward to Friday afternoon at 5:00p.m. -- a young woman who was working at a local cafe called me -- she'd seen my post about my guestroom cancellation and wanted to know if it was still free....there was a family from Holland who was wandering around and she wanted to convince them to stay for Shabbat. We reserved and I suggested that they eat with me and my other guests for Saturday lunch because....well, because we had so much food!

The lunch was lovely and during the meal they mentioned that they had never had a Jewish wedding ceremony. By the time Shabbat ended the local synagogue, where the girl from the cafe had taken them, was preparing a wedding for this coming week! 

As they were leaving the mother told me that she'd never felt so Jewish, so warm and welcomed, as she did in our little town. And if the original guests had come, I never would have had a chance to participate in their adventure!

So now I have a wedding to look forward to. You never know.....

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