Saturday, August 31, 2013


This week will be a marathon of shopping and cooking. I  cheated and did a lot of the shopping over the past month so that the bill didn't floor me all at once, but there is still a lot to deal with . I hope that if I do most of the shopping tomorrow morning, I'll avoid the crowds that may be flooding the supermarkets later in the week but, on the other hand, 15,000 other housewives in Tzfat may have the same idea. Nothing else to do about it except to take a deep breath and get started. 

I took a week of from Shabbat guests and had a quiet Shabbat with my younger two kids, who were the only ones that were home.

Hagai was home from the army so I planned a meat meal. Then thursday night he said that maybe he'd be going back for Shabbat and would be able to come home for Rosh Hashana, so I kept the meat in the freezer and made some veggie delights for myself and my daughter (she's vegetarian and I don't much care). Friday morning, just as he was getting ready to return to base, he got a call from his friend with whom he was supposed to switch who said that, never mind, there would be no switch.

The meat got defrosted (and cooked, about an hour before shabbat) and there will be one less guest at home for Rosh Hashana.

Speaking of Rosh Hashana....i'm not a great shul-goer and prefer to do most of my praying on my own, but I do get annoyed with the kvetchers. This time I actually took a few minutes to respond to one.  Don't know why I bother but it got a few "likes" on Facebook so I guess that someone else feels the same way.

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