Saturday, August 17, 2013

Friday Night in Safed

I made it to shul this Shabbat. If the truth be told, my attendance was limited because the shul that I like to go to is one of the Carlebach shuls and by the time everyone else is heading home for Friday night dinner, they're just starting to roll....I had guests coming and I didn't want them to come home and find a locked gate. But I did get to go for a little while.

Summary of the congregants -- mostly dati (modern Orthodox), some black hats and wigs (Ultra Orthodox), streimels (Hassidim) and a smattering of shorts and tank tops (secular). Two of the people brought their dogs which sat relatively well-behaved on the sidelines.

Name me one place that you'd see that in New York. Or Detroit. Or....well...anywhere.

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rena said...

yeah Tzfzt! a place you can truly be yourself and be fully accepted in the community at the same time.