Sunday, August 18, 2013

Epileptic Dog

Mica arrived in our house in 2008, just after my son and his girlfriend got engaged. They found her huddled under some trees in a local park and begged us to keep her "just until they got married."

Well, the wedding was in August 2009 and Mica has never even been near Kiryat Ono, the small suburb of Tel Aviv where they live now. First of all, they both work crazy hours and secondly, well, we wouldn't be very happy to give her up.

Mica is probably one of the most laid-back, gentle creatures that God ever made but she does have her quirks. For one thing, you can tell that she was abused...every time I get the broom out to sweep the floor she slinks off under a bed or in some other hiding spot.

As mentioned, she's extremely patient and gentle but she DOES NOT LIKE men in black hats. Doesn't matter what kind....there's something about the haredi male population that spooks her and although she'd never bite, she does give a frightening "woof" that would scare just about anyone.

One of her most unusual peculiararities is that she is, evidently, epileptic and prone to periodic epileptic fits. When a fit is coming on she'll huddle in some small corner somewhere or, if she can, snuggle up to someone and wait for the episode to begin. Each episode lasts for about 10-15 minutes during which she completely loses control of her muscles and withers on the floor, scratching madly (which, as you can well imagine, is a drag when you're sleeping and wake to hear the noises under your bed).

Then the episode passes and she shakes her head and goes on with life.

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