Friday, August 16, 2013

Props to Safed Peeps

Ah, the wedding. As previous mentioned, a middle-aged Dutch couple stayed at my guestroom last week and mentioned that they had never had a Jewish wedding.  Other people in the community got energized and last night I attended one of the most beautiful ceremonies ever.

The bureaucrats whisked through all the paperwork details in four days and by this evening everything was ready. 

Don't forget, everything was pretty-much  donated. The chuppa took place in the courtyard of the Ari Sepharadi synagogue. Meir Glazer of Shvil HaLev came and played guitar, using the sound equipment of Simply Tsfat. Ya'akov and Miriam Drori of Tzfat's House of Love and Prayer organized the entire chuppa and Ya'akov served as the rabbi. Susan Zehavi of Art Colony Inn prepared the food. Jody Sugar of A Jewish Calendar came to be the official photographer.

Just to give you an idea of the type of effort that went into this event, here's a summary of some of yesterday's Facebook postings

VERY IMPORTANT!! I'm helping plan a last minute wedding for a wonderful couple from Holland. The wedding is tonight but some things fell threw and we have no ketubah!!! Are there any sofers here of does anyone have a number that i can call to have a ketubah written up by 6pm tonight... HUGE MITZVAH!! will obviously pay.

Yes, living in Safed can be trying at time, but sometimes I'm just so proud to be part of this community.

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