Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Our New Chief Rabbis

So, it turns out that our new chief rabbis, people who are supposed to represent the Jewish interests in Israel, were chosen not because they're really the best representatives of Israel's Jewish interests  but because the haredim (ultra-Orthodox) are pissed at Naftali Bennett (leader of the moderate Bayit HaYehudi party which supported the universal draft law which will draft haredi boys into the army) and pushed out Bennet's candidates who would probably have better met the needs of Am Yisrael.

So proud of this method of selection. Really. Great to know that this is how our spiritual leaders are chosen.

We can now look forward to another 10 years of the Haredim not paying any attention to the chief rabbis because it's a "Zionist institution" and the rest of the population not paying any attention to them because these rabbis don't really speak to the concerns and needs of the Israeli street.

Another perspective, this one written by the soon-to-be son-in-law. 

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