Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Adventures in Alternative Medicine

For some time now I've been turning to alternative modes of healing whenever possible. These options are generally less invasive, involve less chemicals and frankly seem to work better.

I can think of multiple times when conventional medicine failed me and alternative medicine stepped in. Over 15 years ago I was experiencing knee pain. The "expert" orthopedist told me, after an Xray, that the cartilege in my knees was deteriorating and I needed to take something called MegaGluflex -- 15 years ago it was 300 shekels per bottle, which is a lot now, never mind then.

I went to a Dr. of Chinese medicine who helped with some acupuncture and then began to exercise and the condition just...disappeared.

A few years after that my youngest daughter began to experience frequent, debilitating headaches and stomachaches. Everyone (including myself) was fairly certain that it was

psychosomatic but the pain was genuine and despite ultrasounds and other conventional interventions, nothing helped until I started to take her to a local massage therapist. One of those treatments was usually enough to end the cycle that, sometimes, had gone on for over a week. Sometimes we needed a double dose. 

I've been to a chiropractor for leg issues (helped tremendously) and have tried other types of treatments. 

A few years ago I was diagnosed with a mycrogynomia, which is a growth on my brain. It's benign but it's sitting on my optic nerve and as a result, causes me double vision, which is annoying (to say the least). 

I decided to try homeopathy and have been on homeopathic remedies since Pesach. The most difficult thing about these remedies, up until last week, was that you're not allowed to drink coffee while you're doing homeopathy -- I am a coffee aficionado and miss it, but am managing with coffee substitute.

A few weeks I was moved on to the next stage of the treatment and told to purchase three different types of drops. The instructions were to take 5 drops of each once a week.

I asked "do I take them all on one day? meaning, 15 drops together" and the answer (my homeopathist is in America so everything is by email/skype) was "once a week."

So for 3 weeks I did so, taking 5 drops of each in successive doses -- 15 drops all together.

Well, if I ever doubted the strength and power of these little remedies, I do no more. Evidently I was supposed to take the doses one at a time (meaning one remedy for several weeks, then the next, and then the next) so it built up in my body and caused a reaction. And what a reaction!

Homeopathy is very concerned with regular bowel movements and the whole first part of the program was to prepare my body, meaning to ensure that I would have at least 1 bowel movement a day. So I knew about the connection. But my overdose caused me to make over a dozen visits to the loo each each for several days. When I finally got hold of my homeopathist (it took me awhile to realize that this wasn't a virus or, as I suspected, some kind of allergy or syndrome) she told me about the mistake in the dosage (she said that I had "misunderstood" her instructions, but I have the emails...ah well, no harm done I guess). 

So now my body is detoxing. It's better, and I'll return to the program next week, but I will never again doubt the power of these little tablets and drops. 

I also have to be thankful that I didn't overdose on pharmeceuticals, for which the reprecussions would have been much more severe.

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mikimi said...

I'm glad your experiences have been positive but mine have not been so much and then I get disillusioned right before the time when things could start to work. With the acupuncture I was told it would take 6-8 weeks before I would see any change and I always gave up right before the slotted time period. I do have faith in reflexology. But my medical situations are different than yours and your family's. and yet I have recommended to others to check alternative medicine.