Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lag B'Omer

Started out this week planning for my niece and nephew, who are studying in Jerusalem this year, to come for Lag B'Omer. None of my kids were going to be here so I invited my cousins for Friday night and a few friends for Saturday lunch.

So far, so good.

Then my nephew asked if he could bring a friend. After confirming with my son that he wouldn't be coming home, I said "sure." Then the friend that he brought up last time asked if he could come. I found someone with an extra mattress and said "sure."

then a local outreach organization called and asked if I could have guests Friday night. Four guests -- they have a big group coming. I said "sure."

Then my son decided that he would be coming home for Shabbat. Now there's four boys (young men, actually) in one small room. I need another mattress.

I need to have my head examined. 

I simplified my life by making a one-pot Friday night meal (chili) and will bake some burekkas and that, plus mashed potatoes and some challah and salads should satisfy everyone. Eating is no problem, but I'm darned if I know where everyone is going to sleep (because my room downstairs is rented out -- if I had 10 rooms for this weekend I could have rented them all out!)

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