Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Google Adwords for Dummies (me)

Several years ago, when I was working for a non-profit, I was put in charge of running a Google Adwords campaign.

A donor connected me with a tutor who gave me several personal tutorials to enable me to be able to run the campaign. Google adwords is quite complicated and, amazingly, I was able to understand, more or less, what I was doing, but the campaign was not successful -- I humbly submit that, perhaps, we weren't offering what people wanted.

Two years later, I've been asked to run another Google Adwords campaign for another client and I discovered that it's like riding a bicycle....don't do it for awhile and you'll forget everything. Which I have, in fact, done. Forgotten everything.

Luckily, my work load this morning was pretty light and I've spent my time watching YouTube videos about how to run a Google Adwords campaign. My eyes are starting to cross. The knowledge from 2 years is starting to come back, slowly. No one will ever confuse me with a real expert, but I believe that I can put up a reasonable facsimile of a workable campaign.

I do enjoy the challenge.

I also made an appointment with a SEO mavan for a personal tutorial. Again, I don't think that General Motors is going to be knocking at my door anytime soon, but it's interesting material and it's kind of fun to delve into some of these new spheres. Makes me feel not quite so...55ish.

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