Thursday, April 11, 2013

Deep Breaths

About a week before Pesach, my neighbor called me to tell me that a car had slid into my daughter's parked car near our house. The car was traveling fast and slipped on the wet street, plowing into the car's bumper and cracking it.  To no one's great surprise, the car continued to drive down the street.

Someone got the license plate of the car and I immediately made a police report. And then I waited for the police to do their work.

Three weeks later, I tried to call the police and it took several days until I finally got a hold of the officer who is in charge of the investigation. He had JUST RECEIVED the report and hadn't even begun to look into it.

Turns out that there's a mistake in the license plate number that I reported (although I checked, and it's exactly the number that was reported to me).

The neighbor who had originally called me told me that another neighbor has a camera aimed at that area and that maybe there would be footage of the incident. So I asked her and she told me that footage is erased every THREE WEEKS -- just a few days ago!

So, if the police had related in any way to my report in any kind of timely manner, I could have retrieved the information. Now, I'm stuck.

When I contacted the police office who took my report he promised me that he'd see what he could do. But, he GAVE ME BACK my report when I was at the station this morning. So how can he do anything -- he doesn't have the license plate number that I reported any more.

Does it make sense to make a complete ass of myself and make a formal complaint? Is it worthwhile? Do I just pay several thousand shekels (which I don't really have anyway) to fix the damage and chalk it up to....what? Experience? Frustration?

Yes, I know that, compared to other people's struggles, this is peanuts. But I'm still fuming.

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