Sunday, March 31, 2013

Winding Down

Wait...I have to cook again?

Tomorrow for lunch we'll have barbeque -- sons are both at home, so they'll take care of the details (cooking).

Since I couldn't stomach the thought of another piece of meat, I thought that I'd make a nice veggie lasagne for tonight, but after Friday night's (fish) dinner, my younger son mentioned that, while it was delicious (it was! -- Vedad's fish), "some of us need some more protein." (males, of course). So I'm off to the store to see what other type of fish I can add to the menu.

As usual, we have enough matza to take us through another Pesach. My family really doesn't like matza very much. No yummy matza brei for us. A friend actually taught me a great way to use up extra matza -- plop it under a chicken while it's roasting and, voila, an easy matza kugel (with all the chicken juices cooked in) made with no extra work!  So I leave my matza on the top of the fridge throughout the year, forget about it, and then following year, when I'm preparing for Pesach, end up throwing it all out anyway.

Right after Pesach I have an online class scheduled. I want to do something about the upcoming Holocaust Day, something that will be meaningful and will transmit something of the day to the students, 7000 miles away in Chicago.

On Pesach/Shabbat, for lunch, we had a guest from the Livnot program (there were 2 guests scheduled, but one got sick). This young woman is from Nebraska and noted that for most of her life, she hasn't felt very connected to Judaism. She expressed the sentiment (as I also remember clearly from my own afternoon Hebrew School Days) that Hebrew School was an alienating experience and that she hadn't been terribly inspired by the boring routine.

I feel a sense of obligation to somehow, in my half-hour every few weeks, create a lesson plan that will make Judaism into an engaging entity which will allow the students to relate to their heritage and inspire them to want to learn more.

I guess that something has to motivate me to wake up for the class at 2:30a.m.

Anyway, I made a nice vegetarian lasagne in my wonderpot with goat's cheese (for those with dairy issues), a yummy potato kugel and some nice salmon for the protein-searchers.

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