Sunday, March 03, 2013

One of Those Days

Almost 2 years ago I called my bank to check on my balance. I was pretty sure that I knew, within a few shekels, what I had, but it was a few days before the beginning of the next month (mortgage payment time) and i just wanted to be sure that we were all on the same page.

Good thing that I called....someone had hacked my account and charged several thousand shekels worth of merchandise all over the world.

It took several weeks to track down every last agora and make sure that I was back in the black. NEVER listen to the credit card people when they tell you "we've taken care of it" because that generally means that, if you don't check line by line, you're screwed.

Today I did the same thing -- i just deposited a check in my account this morning, but it takes 5 days to clear, so until then, I'm a bit stretched. I discovered that another mistake had occurred -- I made a withdrawal on Thursday evening and was debited again on Friday morning, even though I only withdrew once.

Now, however, I'm worried that it will be more difficult to prove that the withdrawal was not my doing. How do I prove such a thing? My card is still safely in my purse, so I didn't loose the ATM card.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode folks.

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