Sunday, March 17, 2013

No more pencils, no more books....not

I recently signed up for a MATI class -- MATI is the Small Business Administration of Israel and they run courses around the country to prepare people who are thinking of opening a small business, or in the process of starting up something.

I finally put my hobby-website together in a way that I think will help people who want to come to visit Safed, and I'm getting a lot of good feedback about it. I'd like to figure out how to develop it into something money-making but, aside from my own guestroom, which is listed (#1, coincidently) I haven't had much success.

Other people may be able to find locals who will advertise on such a website but there aren't too many Tzfat businesses that will do that. But I'm sure that there's something out there, and as I try to figure it out, I've enrolled in the class.

The class is taught in English by a non-native-English-speaker, meaning that much of the class is taken up with helping her find the words that she's looking for. Also, she teaches business models, which is fine, but its a bit too theoretical -- although she relates it to the down-to-earth world of our businesses, it's not totally necessary, I believe. Though, frankly, what else would there be to teach about businesses?

But it is kind of fun to be sitting in a class again, interacting with material that's new and engaging. And maybe an idea will pop into my head. I'm not dependent on this business, but it would be interesting, and at my age, that's also important.

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