Friday, March 01, 2013

New Month

No, not Rosh Chodesh (the Hebrew month's beginning) but March 1st.

I always get a little bit excited at the beginning of a month (or a week), anticipating what the week may bring.

For one thing, I'll be starting a new course on Sunday. It's an 8-meeting course, offered by MATI, Israel's Small Business Administration-kind of group, partially government-funded, to encourage people to open new businesses. I don't know exactly what kind of business I want to open, or even can open, but for 200 shekels (discounted for those of us who are either new immigrants, unemployed or "of a certain age") I figured, why not?

I did think about marketing Safed-inspired items. Several years ago, a friend made up some great graphics and I had them made into t-shirts and sold them at the Tourist Information Center where I was working.

For various reasons, I had to stop selling them there, but the graphics are incredibly beautiful and I'd love to do something with them again. Unfortunately, the local merchants sell Coca-cola and IDF t-shirts for 25 shekels, so wouldn't be interested in selling my t-shirts for the 50 shekels that I'd need to make it worthwhile (as embedded graphics, my shirts are more expensive to produce).

I tried to create my own graphic for CafePress items, and, if nothing else, had fun doing it. What does everyone think? Would you buy a coffee cup (or a t-shirt) with this graphic?

Maybe I should be taking a graphics course.....

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