Saturday, March 23, 2013

Military Moms

It has become clear to me why Israel does so well militarily. It's because of our soldiers' mothers.

Any group of soldiers who are offspring of mothers who can "make" Passover will have no trouble preparing and executing precision tactics for any mission.  Piece of cake.

Preparing for Passover
1. Start a month beforehand. Clean bedrooms, bathroom. Move into the living room, dining room, etc.
2. About 2 weeks before Pesach, move into the kitchen. Wash shelves that you're not going to be using and start storing stuff. Just the details of figuring out how to store 500% of what you usually store on those shelves is worthy of a medal.
3. Stove, oven and fridge. Total cleaning job. Nothing more to say.
4. Start moving stuff from the shelves that you will be using for Pesach into your closed-for-Pesach cabinates. As you empty each shelf, wipe it down and line it with lining paper (newspaper, in my case).
5. By a few days before Pesach, you should have completely emptied out your kitchen. All remaining chametz -- levened proejcts -- go on a table out on the porch (or, if it's a cold year/climate, on a table in your basement, living room, etc.
6. Shop. You will need to replace EVERYTHING. Spices, dried goods, nuts, dried fruits, oils, etc. EVERYTHING.  EVERYTHING must have been prepared for Pesach and have a "kosher for Pesach" label. If you're Ashkanazi......well, we'll talk about kitniyot -- pulses and legumes -- another time. Let's just say that if you follow the Ashkanazi tradition, we're talking Chief of Staff here.
7. Bring out Pesach dishes. Put out all dishes, pots and pans, making sure that the chametz stuff, which is still floating around, doesn't come in contact with your Pesach stuff.
8. Kasher (make kosher) your cutlery by boiling it in your hot water urn.
9. Cook.

So, my suggestion for all of our not-so-friendly neighbors is, make Pesach for a few generations and your soldiers will have the genes necessary to engage. 

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