Monday, March 04, 2013


About a year and a half ago I suddenly started noticing that I was seeing double.

It had happened to me before -- almost 20 years ago, to be exact, and it turned out to be an eye virus, but this time it was more persistent.

It took many visits to eye doctors, eye clinics, CT scans, MRIs and finally to a neurologist to determine that the problem was based in my head -- not psychosomatic but the result of a small encapsulated growth (non-cancerous) which is sitting on my brain, resting on my optic nerve.

First order of business involved buying a new pair of glasses which make me look like Mr. Magoo. These glasses have multiple prisms which straighten out the world -- when I'm looking straight ahead. Forget about peripheral vision.

The conventional doctors, including a neurosurgeon that I spoke with in Tel Aviv, suggest surgery, but only as a last resort, because, given the placement of the little growth, it could cause more problems than it solves.

So I finally got myself off my duff and have been investigating alternative treatments. I did some reflexology massages with one healer but they didn't make any difference. Chinese medicine, evidently, can't help with anything larger than a centimeter in diameter.

So now I'm on to homeopathy. My issue isn't life-threatening, so if the treatment doesn't work, it's annoying, but not dangerous. However, it would be nice to see properly again.

I found a homeopath and did the whole intake procedure -- it's very different from conventional medicine, relies on different kinds of criteria for treatment, such as other health issues, personality, how you deal with stress, etc.

And -- when you use homeopathy, you're limited to what you can eat and drink. No wheat, dairy, corn, soy, sugar!

All I can say is that, if I'm giving up coffee, this better work!

Mr. Magoo
I spent a ton of money last week on rye bread, honey, sulfate-less dried fruits and rice noodles. So, here we go.....

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