Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dog Hotel

One aspect of my guestroom that worries me involves my pets. I have 2 dogs who live upstairs with me, and, while they're generally quiet, every once in awhile, they let off a woof or two.

When we're here alone, I don't think about it, other than to shush them when it gets to be too much. But when there are guests downstairs, I don't think that they should have to be disturbed by my dogs' barking.

So whenever I have guests, I'm always super vigilant about maintaining quiet which does take a bit of energy.

A few weeks ago, someone contacted me about staying in my guestroom because he had heard that we're "dog-friendly" and he wanted to bring his dog. Again today, another person asked to book the room BECAUSE we're a dog-friendly place.

So maybe I should stop worrying so much and just market myself as a dog-friendly tzimmer.

Now, the only thing that I have to worry about is....why are their dogs so much better behaved than mine?

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