Monday, February 25, 2013

Post Purim Pressures

Purim passed. Post-Purim passed. And the mishloach manot, dishes of food gifts, are still piled up on my dining room table.

No, not talking about Pesach. Not yet. Though today's schedule includes some preliminary attention to one particular area of the house. 

No, my anguish revolves around one of the most enjoyable aspects of Purim -- mishloach manot, the giving of food gifts to neighbors and friends.

Every year I swear that i'll cut down, give the money that I save on mishloach manot to charity, not encourage all the neighbors to hand out stuff that ruins our teeth and makes me fat. And every year....

This year I had one case of Dancing Camel beer left over from my winter stock. I sell the stuff in Safed and make a few shekels (though my profits are generally drunk up by my son who likes a beer or two with his friends when he comes home on leave from his base). So I baked some cookies and tied a bag of cookies to bottles of beer to give out. Imaginative, huh?  (would have been even better if the cookies hadn't been so good, enticing me to munch on the leftovers).

Still doesn't help me with the dilemma of what to do with all of the goodies that are sent to me. I generally freeze the baked goods for Shabbat desserts for the next few weeks. Some of my Sephardic (lady) neighbors create Purim goodies that are true works of art -- swirling cookies, fried within an inch of their lives and covered with delicious syrup. The toffies, quite frankly, get tossed -- I can't deal with what they do to the teeth. But the other yummies are, unfortunately, sitting quietly, staring at me, waiting for me to look for a treat to have with my morning (or afternoon, or evening) cup of coffee.

Ha! Wait until I have grandchildren....they'll see what a good safta hands out for AFTER-Purim treats!

Purim in the Supermarket

never know what you'll find in the local
supermarket on Purim

Purim shopping

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