Sunday, February 03, 2013

Tense Neighborhood

Shabbat passed quietly. I did hear some planes in the skies, but as far as I know, my son and his fellow soldiers staying safely on their base.

Friday morning turned out to be a rush of shopping and cooking as we tried to get everything ready so that we could head up to Hagai's base and see him for a little while. I have some eye issues and wasn't looking forward to the 45 minute drive, but thank goodness everything was OK.

We loaded up with stuff for Hagai but also packed in some extras for his unit -- challahs, candies, cakes and cookies, etc -- so that they'd have a good Shabbat and know that everyone appreciates all that they're doing. Yochi and Gal came with me and we took Hagai out for an hour to the local town, Katzrin, to sit down over coffee and hear about the situation from his perspective.

I find it interesting that in elections, both here and, from what I understand, in the States, the soldiers' votes are generally along more conservative lines. You'd think that they'd be the first ones to look for less "security-minded" leaders but, in reality, their votes show that the soldiers tend to vote for more conservative candidates. I see this with Hagai as well. During the recent conflict with Gaza, when he was sitting along the border, waiting for orders to go in, he (and, he says, his co-soldiers) were very motivated to go into Gaza and do their job -- destroy the infrastructure that was allowing Hamas to fire rockets into Israeli cities. They wanted the war to escalate and they wanted to do their part.

Here too, although no one is looking for a war, they realize that Israel is in a lose-lose situation vis-a-vis the Syrian conflict, and that the country has to do what is necessary to protect itself and its citizens. They're motivated to play their part.

Hagai told me what their part will be -- suffice it to say that I can only hope for the best.

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