Friday, February 08, 2013

Shabbat Menu

I didn't invite guests this Shabbat. Wound down, and my sons are coming home, so I'm taking a break from my normal dozen or so guests. On the one hand, I'm looking forward to a quiet Shabbat without the added rush of getting ready for guests. On the other hand, I do enjoy the banter and friendly atmosphere of a table full of fun (and funny) folks.

Now that I'm getting ready to cook, however, I realize that, while the portions may be smaller, I still need to cook, more or less, the same number of dishes. Just less.

Friday night
  • Soup (maybe -- thinking about it) with knadalach. Or, minus the knadalach, if I add barley and make it a barley soup, I can forget a grain as a side-dish)
  • Chicken snitzel (already made, in the freezer)
  • Mashed potato
  • some type of grain -- bulger? I would make kasha, because it's healthy, but my son certainly won't eat it and I'd eat it just because I should, which isn't all that enticing
  • Pastalim (little potato-filled triangles which crisp up nicely when baked)
  • salads
  • meat lasagne (strips of fried eggplant, filled with meat, covered with more strips and baked in Vedad's sauce.
  • potato kugel (my trick is to bake it well, then flip it over and bake it some more, so both sides are nice and crispy.)
  • mushroom burekkas (a Gal favorite - I saute onions and then add mushrooms, salt and basil -- fresh if I have it, if not, dry). then roll it up in phylo dough and bake it. Yum.
  • soup (if I make it for Friday night....why not add a bit?)
  •  sweet potato something-or-other (my daughter parboils it and then bakes it with sweet chili sauce....there's an idea)
OK, time to get cracking. 

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