Thursday, February 07, 2013


I don't kvetch too much about raising teenagers on my blog, but all of you who have heard me sigh about the trials and tribulations of raising a teenager can raise your hand.

OK, put 'em down. Yes, it's a challenge, though to be honest, if I didn't have a supportive community, neighbors and a supportive school to back me up, I don't think that we'd be in very good shape.

I'm going to take a moment, however, to kvell (look it up).

Several weeks ago a woman in the community who has a daughter with special needs asked for a young girl to volunteer to take her daughter to and from an afternoon club. The girl is kindergarten-aged and, not only does the mother need some back-up, but the child herself will benefit from the friendship of an older girl.

I mentioned it to my 16-year-old and to my utter surprise, she agreed to undertake the project. Not only that, but she remembers, every week, and makes sure to notify the mother if there's a school trip or something else happens to prevent her from helping on a particular day.

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