Friday, February 01, 2013


For most of the country, the "tension" over the northern border is something that flies by in the news, but when you have a son serving in the army, it takes on a more serious connotation.

Especially if your son happens to be stationed in the Golan Heights, next to the country with the weapons -- including lethal gas weapons.

Hagai was supposed to come home for Shabbat this week, but the "konnunut" -- heightened alert -- has left him and his buddies sitting in their base. So we're on our way to go and see him and bring the guys some challahs, goodies and cheer.

Little to say. The lives of all Israelis are very much wrapped around "the situation," but for those of us with kids in the army, it's a bit closer to home.

Hoping and praying for a good and quiet Shabbat.

Hagai at the end-of his 1st year

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