Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ye Ole Superiority Complex

A local resident posted the following on the Safed FB page yesterday:

"someone/ some people damaged a whole load of cars from one end of the old city to the other and then up to sariya on friday night. if you heard/saw anything unusual /or had yr car damaged even slightly (and perhaps thought it was an accident that just happened to you alone) please let the police know"

Well, that was disturbing enough, especially since I hadn't checked my daughter's car in the last 48 hours. (I use it once a week for shopping....I need to check it? Who would have thought?)

Anyway, one of the subsequent comments asked who they were. "local chiloni (non-religious)? local shababnik (trouble-makers)? local arse ("greasers")? what flavor of local?"

I'm not going to defend anyone who causes that kind of vandalism. But the idea that some of our community has, that trouble is always caused by "them" and never "us" annoys the hell out of me. 

Where's the outrage when Orthodox trouble-makers throw stones or burn garbage cans in protest against something or another that the non-religious do? (thank goodness, not here in Safed, but elsewhere...). Where are the public protests when certain elements of the Orthodox community threaten (and worse) women who sit in "wrong" area of the bus, or don't dress according to the standards?

When I see a little more of people speaking out about that type of behavior, I'll take the outrage against the broken car mirrors a bit more seriously. 

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Anonymous said...

I am touched. but shababnik would be kids who used to be religious. Since the incident occured friday night, It probably wasn't religious kids. So chilonim would be kids from outside the neighborhood, Arsim would be the local young hooligans in training, and the shababnikim are the hooligans who came out of the charedi community.

crank up your outrage!