Monday, January 28, 2013

They Polled Me!

True, I was asked my opinion because I was home at noontime, but was kind of fun to be asked my opinion about something.

The first question that they asked was, who did I vote for. Bayit HaYehudi (if anyone cares).

The second question was, if the elections were held again, who might I vote for. Now that was a bit more of an interesting question. I think that, since I paid more attention to the parties after the elections than I did before the elections (something psychological there? Or just laziness?) I have have changed my vote to vote for Yair Lapid.

My gut instinct against voting for Lapid was 1. he's the son of Tommy Lapid an incorrigible anti-religious crusader who was quite obnoxious in his hatred of the religious, so I figured that his son would have that same kind of outlook; 2. he campaigned on a platform of social justice (no arguments) and didn't really express his outlook about non-domestic issues (re: the palestinians/"Peace Process"/etc). I am sort of a pessimist when it comes to trusting the Palestinians and don't want to promote anyone who is going to advance their cause.

But immediately after the election he squashed the Labor/leftists hope that he'd join with them in a block against Bibi, saying that he wanted to work with the Likud to create a strong government. And, much to my surprise (OK, my fault, I didn't pay enough attention beforehand), #2 on his list is a rabbi! My kind of rabbi, committed to Torah but not committed to forcing anyone to adopt his brand of Judaism, interested in inclusion....hmmmm.

So the poll actually forced me to take a stand, albeit a week late.

As I was finishing this post, I found the transcript of Yair Lapid's speech that he gave last week at Kiryat Ono college (after the elections).

Yup, if I had to vote again, it would be for Yair.

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