Wednesday, January 09, 2013

the flooded Ayalon freeway near Tel Aviv


Yes, it's raining in Israel this week, but we're not talking about a monsoon here. Even so, the weather is all that anyone can talk about this week. And, as the pictures above illustrate, a lot of people are having a lot of fun with the flooding and infrastructure problems. 

Once I saw that the weather was everyone's topic of the day (Facebook) I decided to back off, but some of the photos that have been popping up, including a photoshopped submarine surfacing in the Tel Aviv Ayalon river, were too good to pass up. (I'll try to find it, but they're passing by on my FB feed pretty quickly. 

I'm pretty proud of myself -- house is ready, fridge is full, gutters are cleaned and hot water tank is hot (to keep pipes from freezing over at night). Not bad for a girl who used to say to herself "thank goodness that my husband takes care of these things." Ha. I even unplugged a stopped-up sink yesterday. 

There's something comfy about sitting around in your house -- alibet with 6 layers of socks (I kid you not -- my tootsies get very cold very quickly) while the weather does its thing. 

Also, my son is on his way home from the army for Shabbat, so that will be even nicer. Once he's home we don't sit and chat for long periods of time -- I'm not really great at small talk and half the things that he tells me about army life, I don't really understand -- but it's just nice having him home (plus the lightbulb needs to be changed and it involves a high ladder climb -- his job).  

Over the summer I registered as a teacher for an online education company. We did a course in which I learned to teach groups in any part of the world online, but I didn't really pay  much attention to the time factor. For instance, if a Hebrew school wants to do a class at 6:30p.m. THEIR time, that's 2:30a.m. MY time. 

Well, tonight's my first class. I'm excited, a little nervous about the technology, and really not pleased about the time issue. But it's all part of my work-at-home strategy -- don't' say "no" to anything and then figure it out. So far it's worked, and I've learned to do a few new things to boot (who knew that I could figure out someone's website design so that I could operate it?) But 2:30a.m.?  AWK. 

ah yes, here's the submarine

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