Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rain with a Chance of More Rain

You won't hear any complaints from me about the weather, though it is kind of difficult to get the dogs out for a walk. When the weather gets like this I stick a litter box with some sand in a corner for the cat, since she can't dig her holes in the courtyard, but she thinks that the sand is there for her to play "sandbox" and I keep finding it scattered all over the entryway. Though this morning there was a wet spot in the middle of the sand, so I guess that she has the right idea at any rate.

A few weeks ago I met my neighbor in the supermarket, and she mentioned that she'd made some fish for her family that past Shabbat that had turned out quite well. Since no one has ever praised my fish very much I asked her for the recipe, and instead of a piece of paper, my neighbor turned up at my house a few weeks ago saying "we're going to make the fish."

I should mention that this neighbor's husband is an artist, a sculptor, and I think that, for his wife, cooking his her art. She certainly puts her heart and soul into shopping and preparing food. She's Iraqi, and her husband is originally from France (Algerian) so they like their food spicier than we do, but she pared the hot peppers down for our Ashkanazi taste and it was a hit.

This week most of my kids are coming back for Shabbat and I decided to make the fish.

Vedad's Iraqi Fish -- for 8 pieces
  • Salt the fish and squeeze some lemon juice over it. Let it stand
  • Dice 2 regular-sized onions and about 8 cloves of garlic. Saute until soft.
  • Add:
    • 2 diced red peppers (large)
    • 4 diced tomatos (remove the skins first)
    • chopped cilantro -- a lot
    • chopped hot pepper (depending on your taste -- for us non-spicy eaters, I used about half of a hot pepepr
    • salt, pepper, paparika, curry powder and tumeric
·         Add water, enough to cover the fish.
·         Lay down the fish in the pot and spoon the sauce over it.
·         Cook for about ½ hour
Service with mashed potatos, rice or other grain

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