Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Informed and Swayed

So, remember when I promised to educate myself a little bit about the upcoming election?

The elections are next week and, except for asking my kids who they plan to vote for, I've done exactly zilch. Talk about apathetic.

Tonight a neighbor was hosting a parlor meeting for the Bayit HaYehudi, one of the more right-wing parties, but one with a platform that I think that I can support. So I got off my tush and went and actually liked what I heard.

Besides the right-wing Land-of-Israel stuff (which I pretty much support), they also talked about the goal of unifying Israel and Israelis, secular and religious and in-between, making Zionism -- the ideal of being engaged in what happens in this country -- a priority, rather than an old-fashioned concept that has lost its zip -- and, basically, strengthening all sectors of the nation. Since I've never really liked the sectarian nature of Israeli society (if you're ultra-Orthodox, that's who you vote for...if you're Sepharadi, that's who you vote for...)this all appeals to me and I'm ready to hand them my vote.

So if these elections seem ridiculous...who remembers Shmuel Flatto-Sharon? In the '70s Flatto Sharon escaped to Israel from France, running away from a charge of funny-money shenanigans. The only way that he could avoid being extradited to France for prosecution was by running for Kenesset, which he did.

Then, France refused to extradite Abu Daoud, one of the Munich terrorists who murdered 11 Israeli athletes at the '72 Olympics. And Israeli sentiment against the French became so incensed that Flatto-Sharon actually won! The guy actually won, if i remember correctly, two seats, even though he was the only one running on his ticket.  

Did I mention that Flatto Sharon didn't speak Hebrew? But he served in the Kenesset -- coincidentally authoring a bill that would have made it illegal to extradite Israeli citizens from Israel. 

I don't think that Israeli politics has ever gotten much more absurd than that.

And, if you

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