Monday, January 21, 2013

Elections and Soup

Yes, the candidates are pretty much all full of soup.

But aside from that, tomorrow's elections will bring my daughter home from Tel Aviv where she's a university student. She's registered to vote in Tzfat so she needs to return home to cast her vote.

I felt bad that, last week, when she was in the midst of a bad cold, I couldn't make her some nice hot soup, so she'll get it tonight. I wish that I was a better soup-maker, but I do make a pretty healthy pot of soup -- I follow my mother's lead and throw all the vegetables into a pot, boil the heck out of it for a few hours, and then season it or add in cut up vegetables or grains/legumes. No one complains too much so I guess I'm doing something right.

I read somewhere that, if you leave the pot uncovered, the vitamins from the stock will dissipate with the steam, and if you cook the vegetables long enough, all of the vitamins from the veggies will become part of your stock. I hope so because I have a lot of stuff in that soup including the greens (dill, corriander, parsley), root vegetables (pumpkin, sweet potato, onions and a ton of garlic which is supposed to be great for warding off everything that comes your way).

Once the stock has cooked for a few hours, I'll take out most of the vegetables (but will mash in the pumpkin, which gives any soup a nice sweet taste) and will saute some carrots, zuccini, celery and onions in olive oil, and can then make a roux to thicken the soup which can be served over noodles.

And there you have it.....for 15 minutes of work, I can produce a healthy, hearty meal and feel like a great mom!

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