Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chickweed and Navalwort

Turns out that some of the weeds in my garden aren't really weeds at all, and are actually pretty useful.

A friend who is quite knowledgeable about herbs and plants came to visit yesterday. On the way out, she looked into my window box which, due to neglect, is completely overgrown with -- what I thought was -- weeds. "Oh, chickweed" she exclaimed. "This is great as a digestion aid, very healthy and delicious."

Well, I admit that I might have been just a tad skeptical, but she proceeded to pull a bunch and take a munch, and since she didn't keel over, I now have a new herb for my salads. (Will NOT tell my guests where it came from)

Then, while she was walking out of the yard, she looked over at the wall that encloses my yard. There were a lot of the usual green weeds growing out of the stones -- I usually clean them up in the spring. "Navelwort" my friend declared. "You can boil it and the water is very soothing for ear infections."

Next time this friend comes to Safed I have to take her out on a walk in the valley below town -- I can open my own pharmacy!



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